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In Information Technology, H1B visa holders were very instrumental in revolutionizing the sector.  An H1B visa holder is 'tied' to a sponsoring employer and has to "dance to their tunes." We know what it is like.  Well, not any more! Join us and be independent while on H1B visa. H1B IT consultants will have freedom of choosing a project, place of work, and billing rate. If you plan to work with us remotely, consider purchasing a quality desktop computer to maximize productivity. We are bringing the concept of INDEPENDENT contractor even for H1B visa holders.

In April 2000, Independent H1B was founded to revolutionize the plight of H1B IT consultants. Independent H1B.com, Inc is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was founded by dedicated professionals who are completely aware of the status of IT H1B consultants. Our goals are to make H1B consultants completely independent in terms of billing rate, nature, and location of a project and guarantee complete satisfaction.

Irrespective of who finds a project, consultants keep minimum 90% of their regular hours' billing rate and 100% of their over-time billing rate. We believe that you should reap all the benefits for your over-time work.

Only the best candidates can survive in this type of environment. Presently, we are concentrating on H1B visa holders who are already residing in the USA.  If you are interested, send your resume in MS Word format or contact info@independenth1b.com , and we will get back to you in 24 hours.


- Payroll taxes: 6.0% - 6.4% only
- Pre-tax per-diem and expenses
- Transparent payroll figures
- Electronic deposit of payroll
- Open Architecture 401(k)

- Benefits on par with
   Fortune 100 companies
- United Health - Choice Plus
- $25 Copay - Primary Physician
- Prescription Copay - $15/$35/$50
- Dental: $1,500 coverage per year
- Short and Long-term Disability

- Green Card Processing
- Unrestricted access to Attorney
- Prompt response & attention


Independent H1B.com, Inc; (717) 541-1438 (Tel)