Ours is also like any "Consulting Company" with unique business plans. An H1B candidate has freedom to choose billing rate, nature and location of project. We are bringing the concept of independent contractor even for H1B visa holder. We are totally dedicated to our goals and therefore we have named our company accordingly.

Do you transfer / sponsor my H1B visa / 'green card' ?
Yes, Of course! Only for outstanding individuals who have good academic credentials, technical skills and genuine work experience.

What percentage of billing rate can an H1B visa holder retain if the company finds a project?
Irrespective of who finds a project, an H1B visa holder keeps 90% of the billing rate.

Do you find projects for us?
Yes, we do for all our consultants who are on board.. We have clients and we are always expanding our network of clients.  For prospective consultants, we do try.

How do you submit our resumes to your clients?
Only after you agree the nature, location, and billing rate of the new project, we submit your resumes. We will never submit your resume without your permission.

If you find a project for us, how do you decide billing rate?
We ask you to quote your billing rate. We add a maximum of 10% mark-up on your billing rate and quote the final billing rate to our client.

Can we trust the company on the billing rate?
You will get a copy of the contract and may be asked to be a signatory of the contract.

How do you pay for over-time work?
You retain 100% of your over-time billing rate. We do not take a single penny out of your over-time work.

What kind of benefits do you provide?
We provide access to group health, dental and vision insurances, short and long term liability insurances, life insurance, and 401(k) plans.

If you have any other questions, please free to contact faq@independenth1b.com.