Employee is Paramount
In the IT consulting world, we believe that employees are building blocks of a company. Therefore, we are employee oriented.

Symbiotic Relationship
We believe in mutual benefit and not exploitation, and therefore, we have structured our business accordingly. You retain 90% of billing rate for normal hours and 100% of billing rate for overtime hours. We seek long-term business relationship rather than short-term.

Total Independence
An H1B IT consultant need not wait for 'green card' to become independent. We offer you total independence in terms of choosing billing rate, nature and geographical location of a project.

Immigration Issues
We are completely aware of the immigration issues of H1B IT consultants. We provide access to one of the best immigration attorneys. We process all of your paper work very promptly.

Contract Terms
We are completely aware that excellent H1B IT consultants are frustrated because of the margin of the billing rate retained by their employer. With us, there is full disclosure of contract terms to you. You will never be frustrated with the percentage of margin going towards the company.

We never hold you on bond. You are absolutely free to leave us whenever you want. All you have to do is give 2 weeks notice to leave us.

We do not have any non-compete clause in our agreement. We stand on our principles of giving you absolute independence.

Our Treatment Towards You

We give prompt, professional and personal attention to each and every employee. We believe in solving problems through better communication and dialogue. We guarantee absolute satisfaction during your tenure with us.

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